We Focus to combat
carbon footprint with our eco-friendly laundry practices

We are working to minimize water and energy usage, by utilizing sustainable laundry methods.


Love2Laundry Sustainability

We enjoy doing laundry because we think it provides a means to do household chores more sustainably. We consider the issue of environmental practices as one of our fundamental principles since we started our business with the ambition to be sustainable and create a standard for operational efficiency.

At Love2Laundry, we take action to protect the environment, one soiled item at a time!

We’re working to adopt laundry practices that are more sustainable. Also, we’re working with its cleaning partners globally and pushing them to initiate eco-friendly methods. Our primary goal is to combat climate change and collaborate on long-term sustainability.

Water stewardship

Why is Sustainability Important to Us?

The extent of the laundry market in the United Kingdom is greater than £1.8 million. On average a typical individual will perform over 13,000 rounds of laundry throughout their lifetime.

lifestyle changes

Is Sustainability Good for Climate Change?

As a laundry business, we don't simply practice sustainability because we believe it is the right thing to do, but also because it has a beneficial effect on climate change. By 2050, positive lifestyle improvements could be able to cut carbon emissions by 70%.

Waste & Recycling

Our Sustainability Measures

We are delighted to present the initiatives we have taken to bring sustainability into the laundry sector as a business with sustainable core principles. We hope that others will implement similar steps so that the industry as a whole contributes to environmental efforts.

Centralised Washing System

When our laundry arrives, we wash it all at once with our efficient, centralized system. We can wash sustainably with cutting-edge water-saving technologies.

Most home washers consume 50 gallons per wash. We save water by allowing each home to utilize our efficient industrial machines instead of doing many loads of laundry daily. We organize our wash cycles to maximize use and fill each load.

Sustainable Washing Products

We always make sure to use detergents that are least harmful to the environment

In addition to only utilizing cleaning products that have a professional finish, we only use liquid soap since it leaves less waste residue in water waste compared to powder ones. Conventional, non-biodegradable powder detergents may leave residue in water, contaminating it and making it more difficult to flush away.

As liquid detergents dissolve instantly, both wastewater and garment quality stand to gain from their use.

Also, we discover that these washing solutions are considerably less likely to irritate our clients' skin, making our services much safer to use for delicate individuals.

Utilise Reusable Bags for Life

Helping Businesses via our Affiliate Programme

Love2Laundry has recently launched its affiliate program for hotels

We launched this affiliate program to encourage sustainable washing practices in the hotel industry while also providing hotels with a solution to exceed their customers' expectations. Establishments may retain their sustainable practices without adversely affecting customer experience by making guest laundry more accessible via outsourced solutions.

Our relationship also allows any of our affiliates to adopt more focused sustainable practices by becoming a member of our network. Businesses that partner with Love2Laundry may rest assured that we have selected ethically and ecologically sound solutions and that we have done our part to lessen the impact.


Choose Love2Laundy as Your Sustainable Laundry Service

Whether you're a family that wants to be less harmful to the environment or a business that wants to be more eco-friendly, Love2Laundry is an ideal option for you.

We offer a door-to-door service that is run in a sustainable way to show that you don't have to hurt the environment to get great laundry results. You will not only be a responsible provider, but you will also get the following:

You don't have to buy a lot of different laundry products. Instead, you can send us a variety of fabrics for one price, and we'll treat each one differently. Because of how cleaning solutions used in the industry work, we can treat your fabrics faster and with extra care, which will make them last longer.

With our time-slot booker, you can plan when you want your laundry to be done. When you place your order, you can tell us when to pick it up and when to bring it to you. We'll take care of the rest. If you choose to use our service, it won't change anything for you.

For emergency loads, the clothes can be picked up within an hour and returned washed and ironed the next day. You can't beat knowing that all your clothes are in one place, right?

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